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Fincher To Test The 6 who want to be Lisbeth in Dragon Tatto Remake

So now the male lead in David Fincher’s  English language remake of the classic Steig Larrson book THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO has its Mikael Blomkvist in the shape of Daniel Craig, so what about Lisbeth Salander?

Apparently today David Fincher will be testing up to  six actress’s for the role of Lisbeth but who that six are, its still speculation and if the reports are true the six girls will be doing the test in full costume , make-up, piercings opposite Daniel Craig himself. With Craig in attendance Fincher must be trying to see how well the six interact with Craig  but it could also be seen as a indication that these 6 girls are the finalists, so who are these girls?

As you’ll know from here plus many other sites theres been so many different names been thrown into the hat for the elusive part, new ones appear virtually every day and old ones too but there is eight names that been very popular. Those names are: Emily Browning (Sucker Punch), Sara Snook (Sleeping Beauty), Rooney Mara (The Social Network), Sophie Lowe (Blame), Lea Seydoux (Robin Hood), Ellen Page and Mia Wasikowska, these are the names in the running according to Deadline . Some names are new to myself but they have been known elsewhere one of the names in the list Emily Browning I posted info here last week that she was out of the running but Deadline is not disregarding the report she has pulled out, and Ellen Page & Mia Wasikowska the 2 more well known names disappeared of the radar and then suddenly reappeared when things go heated up?! One thing out of this post I finally found out the name of the south African female rapper who was originally connected her name is Yo-Landi Vi$$er (how can I forget a name like that?!) well shes not interested in acting or even the character of Lisbeth either.

Another note is Wsikowska and Browning didnt make test deals intitally which leaves a big question mark over there possibly involvement  and for Ellen Page she apparently made her own test as she counted out previously. This could be a sign of her passion to grab this role or her previous test wasnt up to scratch then it could be simply Fincher wanting to keep a few known names in the frame incase of a unknown fails drastically.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo may not not get the publicity thats usally reserved for Comic-Book/superhero movies because its not based on a comic book but a excellent book trilogy, but is causing the same comotion as the comic book movies have been creating the last few months on its casting front.  The character of Lisbeth Salander a gothic/punk bi-sexual computer hacker a unique role  which needs a strong female actress which doesnt have some A-List actress who may only be getting parts because of there looks rather than there brains, this wont be a movie that gets bums on seat because of the actress the looks (virtually no acting skills) but some one who can show some intelligence and not scared to delve into a dark gritty reality but if it was the looks(minimal acting ability)  that Fincher is wanting well Megan Fox would have had this part months ago!


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