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5 New Teaser Posters For BATTLE:LOS ANGELES

The great thing about conventions/festivals like Comic-Con its your big stage to pitch your movie, let people know your movie exists and get the buzz going for it. One movie which people knew was going to happen but didnt really know much about it apart from it going to be a alien invasion movie, well we can say that about BATTLE:LOS ANGELES.

The movie is Sony Entertainments’s movie is due out March 2011 but no sign of a UK date yet and the movie has Aaron Eckhart & Michelle Rodriguez leading a platoon force against the might of an Alien invaders. I love my Alien invasion even spent the weekend watching Syfy Uk’s 1980s weekend watching re run of V along with Back To The Future and I got an urge for a new Alien invasion movie, I missed out on the remake which was shown just as I left to go to Greece but now I have this to look forward to.

Below is 5 teaser posters which I believe where shown at the Comic-Con last weekend and looking at them they look like some of those posters Spooky Mulder would have up in his office in the X-Files. They dont say much apart from the these Alien invaders may have been here before and the posters suggest when, anyway someone has had fun with photoshop.

There is a website up and running, it does however look more like a viral one even with the Sony Entertainment logo and there is a few viral videos you can check out too, heres the link:



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