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New Scott Pilgrim Pictures – This Looks A epic of Epic Epicness!!!

Ok Pilgrims the time is nearly here, tomorrow is August and in either 25 or 13 days Scott Pilgrim Vs The World will reap its epic of epic epicness love on us all. I know some of you out there in movieland fanworld may have been lucky to see this movie, some of you may see it in the next few days in many of you may see it it many of the special events/screening happening worldwide shortly (I am hoping to see a screening too in the next week or two).

I know it’s hard pilgrims but I’ll do my best to bring you any little goodies that may float onto the internet (video interviews will be here before August 13th), so I am thinking of your welfare (and mines too)! So below is some great pictures from the movie/production side  showing various scenes as well as Edgar wright doing what directors do best…direct the cast! There is about 50 of these beauties here, but I have posted about 30 of them below and the pictures come from the Movies Facebook page and to see the 20 pictures head over to the FaceBook Page (and remember to let them know where you saw them here!)

source HeyUguys


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