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The Social Network TV Spot makes Friends (as well as enemies)

source Firstshowing

A new 60 second TV Spot for THE SOCIAL NETWORK has been posted online by Sony on Youtube (via First Showing).

hough I love Radiohead and Creep the song is replaced by a more upbeat and appropistely named ‘Power’ by Kayne West and the song is really all its new about this trailer though I am feeling more and more interested in the movie the more times I see the footage.

With Aaron Sonkin written script with David Fincher directing what more excuse do you need to check the movie out?The trailer isn’t the best of qaulity it is watchable despite been a little on the darkside. Think about it what Im doing now creating this post with a trailer and connecting hopefully with thousands of people worldwide is exactly what the Facebook creators aimed to do when they created the network?!

The Social Network movie will be out in UK & Ireland on October 15th and 1st October USA.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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