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Mark Millar Gives out some Plot details for KICK ASS: Balls To The Wall, plus Hitgirl is in a ‘Rut’

6th September (or August 3rd USA) see’s the DVD-BluRay release of Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass. We learned recently that the sequel will be called Kick-Ass:Balls To The Wall been released on the big screen in 2012/13 but we reallydidn’t know much about what the movie will be all about,until now.

MovieWeb caught up with Mark Millar having a chat about X-Men:First Class, American Jesus and collaborating with Mark Millar but Millar  also revealed a few things on the plot for Kick-Ass 2, here’swhat we learned;

The movie is going to pick up where we left Hit Girl with her adoptive father, her real father (Nicholas Cage) ex-partner Marcus Williams. Shes hung up the guns, left the killing behind for a more ‘normal’ life. Meanwhile Red Mist will be the movies main villian dtermined to avenge his father’s death he hires some Russian assassins to take out Hitgirl as well as Kick-Ass, so determined for revenge Red Mist he practices to become a better villian especially in martial arts. In reality He just go back home and gets totally stoned, spends alot of doe,impossible to do anything.

Red Mist’s personna takes a dark twist when he becomes Charles Manson like online influence other young villians to jump on his quest to kill off Kick-Ass and Hitgirl. The whole story builds up to a massive finale in the centre of Times Square with a ‘Warriors’ style gang fight with all the costumed villians with Red Mist and Hitgirl at the head off all of the action.

Whislt Matthew Vaughn is shooting X-Men First Class which will film until around April time, Mark Millar will be working on the comic book follow up which he says will take hime up until Christmas to complete and then around April after X-Men the pair will meet up and start the ball rolling on crating the comic for the big screen. The whole shebang sounds fantastic cant wait to see that big finale but how much of the comic will Vaughn be able to convert directly to cinema screen or will Millar create the story as if he was thinking about the movie rather it been a comicbook?

You can read the whole interview by going to the MovieWeb website Here.

Chloe Moretz who plays Hitgirl  we will see her next month in the family friendly Diary Of A Wimpy Kid movie (August 27th) but for now she is in talks to play the daughter of the lead role of Karyn Kusama’s new project RUT.The movie is very different type of project from Kusama last movie the dissappointing Jennifer’s Body, the horror ‘comedy’ starring Megan Fox, this story centre’s on a father-daughter relationship. In that relationship the father teaches her to hunt, perform archery and her father suddenly disappears and through those skills and tricks she learned from her father she tries to find him.

You can Kusama is in a bit of a ‘rut’ herself after Jennifer’s Body and since her transition from indie film amking into mainstream big features her projects seem  to have disappoint. You could say when you have more of a budget you can feel a bit lost on what to do but whilst on a restricted smaller budget you need to think out the box and more creatively, so money doesnt buy you everything!

source MovieWeb, Latino Review


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