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Damon Lindelhof To Rewrite Ridley Scott’s Aliens Prequel?

He encapulated us all for six years with tv’s Lost and now that part of his life is over Damon Lindelof is now moving onto bigger things. You may thinks writing for one of most popular probaly more confusing than Inception you would think he would be bored with nothing to do, think again he has some plans with Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci to work on there is also the small matters of Cowboys & Aliens as well as Star Trek 2( which he is also a producer on as well) .Deadline are reporting Lindelof has just struck a deal with 20th century fox to re-write Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequel.

The reports say the pair have already met and a number of new ideas sparked off between them which could actually lead to a stand alone sci-fi movie! You may think a poor Ridley Scott Alien Prequel script? No thats not the case, rewrites of movies happen all the time before during and even after a movie has been shot. All films may need is a few extra bits reworked to make the movie extra special again and one of the reasons Ridley Scott decided to do the Prequel was all down to was all down to the Jon Spaihts written script which made Scott move from the Producers chair to the directors. Lindelof has also admitted that the original 1979  Alien movie has been a big inspiration to his work and with an established fanbase and a good footing already in the Science fiction genre Lindelof maybe the man to help spice up the project again.

Ridley Scott is a very popular as well as busy director/producer with many possible projects in the pipeline. From Gucci with Angelina Jolie reportedly interesting in playing the femme fatale Patrizia Reggiani who got convicted for the murder of her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci, you just have to check the projects list at his Imdb Page to see he’s going to be very very busy, lets hope Aliens Prequel will be the next project!!!


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