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Michael Bay To Unleash More Aliens on Movieland

Love or Hate him Michael Bay loves making movies especially ones of a Alien Kind and giant talking robots from outer space arent enough for him, he’s also producing I Am Number Four he has now convinced Paramount Pictures to open up their big fat wallets and give him some dosh to create a untitled Bobby Glickert script into a movie.

There’s little information on the project apart from Glickert worked with Bay as production assistant for Transformers but has also written and directed 2 movie shorts: Road to Moloch & The Descendent, with Platinum Dunes will get this project up and running.

As for the actual story of this movie it seems that Michael Bay and co have hired the service of Cobbol (Inception) to protect there asset (along with a nice security safe), but what Empire was able to learn about it will involve Alien Abduction maybe a bit of Cloverfield. As for Glickert’s Involvement in this movie in the movie that wont happen as Michael Bay has his own writer already creating a script.

I’m sure Paramount Pictures will jump onboard the good old ship Michael Bay as Sci-fiĀ  seems to have hit fever in movieland with JJ Abrams Super 8, Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens coming soon alsong with Battle of Los Angeles and Gareth Edwards Monsters too. Im sure Paramount will keep a close eye on those projects and if sucess comes expect to see this movie on our big screens in the near future.

source Empire

Here is the 2 movie shorts that Glickert wrote & directed ‘Road To Morloch’ & ‘Descendents’, they come courtesy of HeyUguys

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

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