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Steve Carell is To Be “Raised By Wolfs” for Dreamworks

source LatinoReview

Some see him as America’s version Ricky Gervais, but he’s funnier more slaptick humour (maybe also because he plays Gervais part in the US Office) but Dreamworks Pictures want Steve Carrell to be “raised by Wolfs”, acccording to Risky Business.

You maybe saying I’ve mispelled Wolfs and I should have put Wolves, well your wrong the name has something to do with with the main characters surname and the actual people who raise him and thats really all we know about this movie’s plot. The movie is based on a script by Les Firestein with Carells Carousel Productions backing this comedy.

2010/2011  seems to a very busy period for Steve Carell with Date Night and Despicable Me stateside(UK October 15th) already out with movies Crazy Stupid Love a movie he’s just wrapped up with Ryan Gossling (American release April 22nd, 2011), Dinner For Schmucks American release 2 days away (UK August 20th). He also has Missing Links which he is producing, Get Smart 2 (he wrote), Mail Order Groom (with Tina Fey once again), Hi-T and not forgetting his final shift at the American Office is due on American Tv.


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