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Rihanna To Join The BattleShips movie cast


Some say its a sad sorry affairs when movie directors look to boardgames, toys, websites for inspiration for new movie ideas, I suppose it’s alot more better than adapting another comicbook or remaking an old movie over and over again. Everything from Stretch Armstrong, Space Invaders, Rubix cube, Connect 4 have all been proposed at one time one of the movies which is been made for 2012 is Battleship and it has a new cast member joing them in the form of singer Rihanna!

The Peter Berg directed movie has added pop artist to his adaptation of the popular boardgame which will see a alien naval fleet(The Regents) land in earth merry waters in the search of something we dont really know about yet and all the earth’s naval fleets have to join together and fight againt this alien fleet. Rihanna will join Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights, X-Men Origins:Wolverine) and Alexander Skarsgaard (True Blood) who will play Kitsch’s on screen brother as for what part Rihanna will play in this movie is unknow yet possibly the love interest to Taylor Kitsch’s character.

This will be  her  movie acting debut but many of her songs have appeared on soundtracks of various movies such as Bring It On: All or Nothing, Are We There Yet?,  Wild Child, The House Bunny,   I Love You Man, and The Hangover.Universal Pictures will be the studio releasing this with the movie will be set for a May 25th 2012 release date and thankfully this wont be created in 3-D, halluejah!


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