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Another New (Red Band) Trailer For LET ME IN

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Source TrailerAddict

Just as we enjoy the American Theatrical Trailer here we have another trailer for LET ME IN ,this time the Red Band Edition. Here in the UK we dont really have red band you can say it’s The American version of our 18 certificate, so whats different in this trailer? Before you say anything yes it does look the exact same as the American trailer but this actual trailer is 13 seconds longer it has some of blood in it that you wouldnt have seen in the previous plus a few unseen tidbits just dont blink.

The more we see of this version of the cult movie the more people (myself included) love it, Matt Reeves looks like hes done a fantastic job capturing the essence, the tone, the intensity giving the original the respect it deserves.

Let Me In will be in a cinema near you from October 29th (USA October 1st), check out another poster as well below which appeared over the weekend.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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