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The Week in Cinehouse No.3 – Weekly goings on at The Other Blog

Well another week has gone and here we are with the second installment of my weekly roundup of whats happened during the week at Cinehouse my other blog which focuses on the indie/arthouse and foreign movies through trailers, news,views,reviews, movie shorts. Please click on the links to go the trailer


Monday 19th – 25Tth July 2010

Monday 19th with a teaser for Kimi ni Todoke a japanese teen movie when the popular male classroom mates decides to talk to the girl that no one elese would talk to simply because she looked like the crazy ghost from The Ring, that hello starts there friendship working into a romance, the movie is based on a popular manga. Its off to Spain for Xavi Giménez’s directoral debut CRUZANDO EL LÍMITE (Yellow) which actually looks like a Das Experiment with youths, well its called the jail in Scotland or second home for the tracksuit youth brigrade! Tuesday 20th ends up been a busy day at the office with 5 posts first coming from the new new zealand movie starring Flight Of The Conchords/Dinner For Schmuck’s Jermaine Clement in PREDICAMENT , he’s one of a trio of blackmail artists whom everything just seems to go from bad to worse (get a new job mate), CITY UNDER SEIGE gets a third and final trailer as it awaits its August 13th release date in Hong Kong. Dante Lam’s THE STOOL PIGEON (Sin Yan) possibly the new undisputed king of hong Kong action-thriller directors new movie gets a new trailer with english subtitles, Un Poison Violent (Love Like Poison) is Katell Quillévéré’s new movie focuses on a private schoolgirl going home for summer holidays in this Cannes award winning movie of questioning your faith as a teenager. Optimum Releasing sent me a new international poster(see above) as well as a movie clip for GAINSBOURG.

Wednesday 21st, Raiou a japanese movie inspired by Romeo & Juliet gets a second trailer, Yun-Ho Yangs Grand Prix gets its first trailer, a sporting comedy based on a female jockey fight against depression to return to the sport she was once a champion of. Crazy Martial art superhero comedy style with one of the possible big hits of Hong Kong cinema Mr& Mrs Incredible with 3 teasers each with a little story behind them, Thursday 22nd wasa quite day with one trailer from Japan called MOTHER WATER(Mazaa wota) a story about 3 women from Kyoto City and the importance of the city’s waterways to their lives. Friday 23rd was also another one trailer day with the first trailer for the creepy Hong Kong flick CURSE OF THE DESERTED, Saturday 24th here’s a movie to avoid if you dont want a few brown trousers moments with the scary lost footage horror from South Korean DESERTED HOUSE scary but awesome!!! Now a trailer for a Blade Runner inspired Italian cyberpunk thriller short movie R.O.A.C.H.

Sunday 25th and now todays busy postings as well as been my birthday (21 again!!!…. plus 14) today we start with a trailer and featurette for an upcoming British short The Man Who Married Himself starring Withnail & I star Richard E Grant which is currently playing at a fe of the prestigous film fests. Music director turn movie director Romain Gavras feature debut REDHEAD’s has its full impressive trailer starring none other than Vincent Cassel a good reason to check this movie out despite the deceiving title, Norways popular Slasher franchise gets a third movie and a first fuller trailer COLD PREY 3 (Fritt Vilt III). Finally another trailer (now in English subtitles) the serial killer thriler from Germany THE SILENCE impressess with its haunting tone and feel of realism.

Well that was another quick week in the world of independent, arthouse and world cinema as usual please visit the blog I do try to at least update once a day, but I cant do everything myself like with this blog so your help would be fantastic. Be it telling about new great movies from around the world or arthouse/independant movie in the form of trailers, teasers, news, information where ever in the world you are Ill try post it at the blog (checkout the details at the end). As I get every week and I apoligise why do I have a menu with most of the pages with a coming soon or no info at all, as I just mentioned this blog and cinehouse are one person I dont do this full time, Im just a movie fan with a passion for movies and I want to share as much as I can but I need you guys to help me. Yes I have blank pages but theres not enough time in the world to do everything so help me out I will get them done eventually! see you all next week!
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