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Another New LET ME IN Trailer Appears

source TrailerAddict

Just before I called it a day last night I noticed that LET ME IN looked like there was another trailer appearing online, well its true below is the American trailer for the movie.

A while back you would have watched the (international) UK trailer for the movie based on the now cult Swedish horor of Let The Right One In, with Cloverfield man Matt Reeves directing the English version. With the love for the original movie so strong the skeptics have been diasecting this new version at any chance to rip it apart but there doubts where laid to rest as Reeves seems to pay alot of respect to the original but also have his own style adapted in, so far so good.

Yesterday at Comic-Con was the movies panel and they audience were treated to a couple of clips as well as the trailer below and even more footage we get it’s looking finally proof in the pudding a remake that doesnt destroy the original but they actually compliment each other .I am embarassed to say I havent seen the whole of the original and like what Matt Reeves said at the Panel please dont watch the original until you watch his version and I will be doing that along with not reading the book either.

LET ME IN will in the UK & Irish cinemas from October 29th, also check out the new poster which was released as well at the con (courtesy of LiveForFilms)

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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