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World War Z is a go! Brad Pitt To Star in The Zombie Apoclaypse

source MTV

Last winter when I worked in a travel agency I had to travel every day on train to glasgow city centre, it wasn’t a long journey but I amused myself by reading The Zombie Survival Guide. The looks I used to get where unbelievable  even heard a odd look at that weirdo, people ocassionally sat next to me then leave when they saw what I was reading, well all I said was “You Never Know!, better to be prepared!!” just enough to falsely make them laugh or be shocked.

The Book was created by Max Brooks(son of Mel Brooks) and he is also the authour of another zombiesque book World War Z which for quite a few years  has been subject to gossip its about to be made into a movie and when Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company bought the rights we expected something to happen but the question was when? Comic-Con is only hours old and MTV reveal that movie will be happening with Brad Pitt himself starring.

MTV had a chat with Max Brook’s the books authour where he confirmed Pitts involved in front off as well behind the camera and he also revealed that Paramount have option rights on 2 other projects: Zombie Survival Guide and the graphic Novel Zombie Survival Guide:Recorded Attacks.

“I can’t believe how cool Paramount has been to me and these projects, and how cool Plan B has been,” Brookes revealed.

The actual book story chronicles the  first hand accounts of people worldwide during a zombie pandemic outbreak, this sounds great stuff but could they actually use this concept for the movie, I doubt they could for the whole movie. If the lead star is to be Brad Pitt I dont think you’ll see him for the majority of the movie sitting around reading journals from the survivors, a littl ebit of creativity will come into to effect to keep the movie as close to the book as possible. Babylon 5 creator /Changeling scribe  J.Michael Straczynski has drafting  a script(re-written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, State Of Play) with  Qauntum of Solace director Marc Foster been attached to this project to direct with the movie been aime for a summer 2012 release date.

I am a massive zombie movie fan and the 28 days later/28 weeks later, Zack Snyder’s Dawn of The Dead as well as Shaun of The Dead  and not forgetting Zombieland are perfect proof that zombie movies can still be good movies and hopefully World War Z will join that bunch of qaulity flicks and giving us all something to look forward to (along with Batman 3 of course!) in summer 2012!


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