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New Thor Image & Poster (inc New Cap. America one!)

source HeyUguys

I could have posted some of these last night but it was nearly 1am and my mind telling me go to bed! but here they are.  Below is a new image from Thor, its actor chris hemsworth himself looking beefed up flexing his muscles and todays image comes from USA Today. It shows Thor finally getting his old hands on his (here’s one for the naughty people out there…beavis& butthead time) massive hammer, no norse half-god as sevy ballerteros would say ‘dont leave home without it’ should be without there tools!

But whats even better is the two new posters below the image one for Thor the other for Capt America, the artwork is fantastic! Very different for posters, more like concept art and these beauties will be at the Comic Con which kicks off tomorrow and if you get your hands on these I think your a very lucky person!!!!

these posters work is stunning there done by artists Charlie Wen (Cap America) and ryan Meinerding and heyuguys got hold of there sites here’s the links if you want to see more of there great work:

Charlie Wen’s blog

Ryan Meinerding


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