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Will Smith To Star in Bible influenced ‘Legend Of Cain’ with vampires in it?

source Firstshowing

Whilst his son is about to steal some of his limelight with the upcoming release of Karate Kid (July 28th) we havent see Will Smith on our big screens for a little while. We’ve seen him connected with many project but haven’t really heard about any progressing which makes those projects just rumours/gossip, we now have another one to add to that ever ending list. Deadline are reporting that Will Smith is now attached to the project Legend Of Cain to act as well as produce and the movie will be a modern rettelling of the classical biblical story of sibiling rivalry between 2 brothers Cain and Abel. This version of the story wont be a straight forward adaptation but one which will vampires involved possibly one of the brothers becoming one of the undead which I’m sure will have the ultra right wing conservative religious American mid-west bible belt up in arms.

If this project is true theres no word of Will Smith will be one of the vampires or not and if you look at it too similar to the I Am Legend movie he starred in. Movies upset people usually because of how over hyped movies get so when they come out there a big let down, but have a religious story with vampires, that will upset many people though the twist in the story is very interesting. I did enjoy I Am Legend but when actors get into repetitive roles you can only take it so long. Also those that are not Twihards, the twilight saga has put a light dampener on vampire genre movies as many new projects seem to follow a similar style and even though the twilight movies are very precious to its loyal fans to no twilight movie fans they cant stand the sight of a vampire movie. Everything is in the early stages with no studio, directors connected to the project yet.


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