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SCOTT PILGRIM VERSUS THE WORLD Remix Trailers 3&4 – ‘Love & Ramona’

source MovieFone / Hitflix (image Fanpop)

Okay movie fans if you’ve been following the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World remix Trailers (which is going to be 7 in total) below is a treat for you with trailers 3 and 4.

Trailer 3 is called ‘Love’ and it shows Scott Pilgrim is one mixed up kid but what I like about Cera protraying Scott he just reminds me a real Beavis& Butthead with someof his reactions to his friends answers, who does Scott really want ? Is it Knives or is it Ramona? Talking of Ramona (Mary Elisabeth Winstead) the second trailer is dedicated all to you!

Edgar wright has teamed up with his old buddy Dj Oysmyso to create these remixed trailers including a few old friends as well, making this movie looking excited, fun and the trailer was shown in front of Inception to a near full house and it got a very good reaction. We’re getting closer to Comic-Con so expect at least another 3 before the comic con.

Remix Trailer 1Prepare

Remix Trailer 2 – Hey

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.


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