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INCEPTION – Your Thoughts What Did you think?

Well its now here and you the judge and jury what do think of Inception?  Since the first words where ever spoken about this movie the build up as well antcipation for the release of this movie has been unbeleivable and now its here so have you seen it?

I’m just back from the cinema hence the reason its taken so long for any posts to be done on the blog, well it is to me matchday gotta see a movie and boys and girls this is fantastic experience could well make Nolan a cult director upthere with Cameron, Scott, Coppola.

If your a bit unsure goto the trailers page check out the trailers, tv spots, featurettes or watch the interviews (just type in search engine of the blog Inception video interviews) and watch and enjoy. My review will be online this coming week.

So have you seen it why not post your views down below in comments section or if you want to have your own review email it to me at with a rating out of 5 and ill post it here for you.


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