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Nicholas Cage To Return For Ghost Rider 2, with Crank duo to direct

source The Playlist

The talk of a Ghost Rider sequel has been around since the first movie was released back in 2007 and even Cage himself knew the movie was pathetic even talked about rebooting the movie himself. Move on a few years and the talk started up again will there be a Ghost Rider 2 and will Nicholas Cage be in it? At this point he wasn’t interested as his career was on a bit of a slide so another poor Ghost Rider movie as well as the alledged tax problems it could have been curtain for him.

But old Nic has been on a bit of a upward lift with a few good performance in Bad Lieutenant and Kick-Ass, the future is looking bright for him again and on American TV he appeared on the Craig “I’m not funny” Ferguson late show  and revealed;

“There’s gonna be a new one. I just made the deal today.”

He also went onto reveal that Mark Neveldine and  Brian Taylor (Crank, The Gamer) are to direct movie 2. This news has come at a excellent time for Sony as their deadline to create a sequel for the movie was only a few month away November 14th and if they missed that the rights would revert back to Marvel Entertainment.

This wont be an apperent sequel but an old script from David Goyer which he created in the 1990’s (what is it with old 1990’s scripts, where the movies bad then so how are they good now?!) which had New Line Cinema been the studio with a R rated movie . If this is the story first of all expect the movie to get the dreaded PG-13 rating which many movie studios dread these day but know they have too go for and was set around 8 years after the original movie  but as tweeking goes that’ll change too and FlashForward due Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman will probably have to pass the draft of the script over to Neveldine & Taylor.

I’ll openly admit I’ve seen Ghost Rider it was the inflight movie on the BA flight back from Naples, Italy in 2007  it was bad though it gave me an excuse to look at eve mendes! If this movie is to work they have to give it a massive overhaul make it a bit more towards a 15 rating if it cant get 18 but PG-13 will probably be its final rating restricting any artistic license to go all out darker and nastier. As for Neveldine and Taylor they have still got a lot to prove that there more than just a due who write & direct mediocre movies this could help give them a better name in hollywood or are they victims of typecasting like some actors, typecaste to directed medicore forgettable flicks?


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