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INCEPTION online Prequel Comic

source Yahoo Movies

Well its 115am in the morning but ive found this little gem. If your going a little nuts at the moment eagerly waiting to see Inception Warner Bros via Yahoo have released a new online prequel Inception comic called ‘ The Cobol Job’. Its a brillant looking comic which you can actually download as a PDF and even though I havent seen the movie there is a possiblity of a few nasty spoilers here, as I said I haven’t seen the flick yet so if you can download it and read it after you’ve seen the  movie. I have noticed Collider say dont read it as well the comic will make sense after you’ve seen the movie but I’ve also seen Empire saying its okay to read the comic as its designed to stand alone, whatever you choose you will enjoy this litte gem.

If you read the comic online the comic has been designed  mechanically in a way you will focus on the story which has been written by Jordan Goldberg based on the characters played by Leonardo DiCaprio & Joesph Gordon Levitt.

click on The Cobol Link Below and you’ll be transported into Christopher Nolan’s World of Inception!!!



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