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Brian Cox joins the cast for RISE OF THE APES

source Empire

The cast list for RISE OF THE APES is increasing every week and today another name was added to the human characters in the form of Brian Cox. According to The Wrap Cox will play the wicked owner of the primate sanctuary in San Francisco where he has no compassion for his resident monkey’s keeping the care to the bare minimum but he will be the bos of James Franco’s character as well as John Lithgow who plays Franco’s father and both of them show more care for the primates.

The negoiations seem to be in the final stages and looking at Brian Cox’s cv he will be a mighty fine nefarious owner as he does play those scumbags very well. He’s been everything from a pyschotic but intelectual serial killer, good at annoying mutants especilly Wolverine and he definetely knows how to backstab Jason Bourne, so ‘spanking a few monkeys’  will be second nature to him.

Andy Serkis wanted the one ring that ruled them all in Lord Of The Rings and he’ll dawn the green lycrasuit to be Rendered by WETA  and become that one ape to rule them all, the one called Cesar who leads the simian uprising against their human aggressors.

James Franco & John Lithgow are the human scientist who raise Cesar (who create the intelligent monkey), Frieda Pinto plays the primoligist who helps  Franco and if Brian Cox signs on he’ll hook up once again with The Escapist director Rupert Wyatt who’ll direct this prequel for 20th Century Fox.

Movie is due to start filming this month in Canada aiming for a June 2011 release date.


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