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Another New Red Poster, Helen Mirren here to kick some butt!

source MovieposterDB

Yesterday we saw the first offical movie poster for RED appear online with Bruce Willis looking very yippee kai yee on it and as I said yesterday I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more character posters for ths movie appearing and today we do have another character poster in the form of Helen Mirren who plays Victoria one of the ex-Black ops agents been targeted  by high tech assassins with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Mary Louise Parker and John Malkovich been the other agents.

Looking at the poster it looks like Helen Mirren is eager to dish out a ass-kicking and I bet when they posed for the shot for this movie it may hae taken them many retakes or after the final shot they just burst out laughing giving that all out fun vibe for this movie, which still doesn’t have UK release date yet, with October 15th been its American release date.

The movie also boasts a mighty fine support cast with Karl Urban, Brian Cox and Richard Dreyfuss, so expect more character posters and maybe even ones for the support cast!

This might be another comicbook adaptation (created by Comic god Warren Ellis) but it is a movie I am very keen to see simply down to the positive vibe I get when talking about this movie, stay tuned for more posters!!!


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