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The Week In Cinehouse.1 – Whats been going on at the other blog

Welcome to the new weekly section which looks at whats been happened this week in my other movie blog Cinehouse. As you know this blog focuses on the mainstream cinema whilst Cinehouse looks at the indie/arthouse, international rleases along with the weird and  wonderful from trailers, shorts,news,reviews.

This week theres been a few changes first off all look above theres a new logo  which looks a lot more crisper as well smarter than previos logo, ive also played about with the blogs templete design too. As you’ll know having a free account your limited on what design look you can have, you;ve seen the problem with this blog so there maybe a little more experimenting until we get here. As for the blogs menu, I do have sections but there taking a little longer to sort, so if your wanting to look into the other trailers,shorts for the meantime just go to blog archieve or search engine, hopefully everything be hunk dory by end of month.

So this weeks trailers (4th-11july): Its been a bit of a quite week, suposse it was American independance day so things maybe slow coming through but on 4th we had LITTLE OBAMA (Obama Anak Menteng) inspired by the Barrack Obama’s  time living in Indonesia when he was a kid. Cult Chilean director Nicholas Lopez shows us how Facebook/social newtorking controls our lives with his comedy F*ck My Life. 5th Zhang Ke Jia’s Cannes nominated I WISH I KNEW life in Shanghai china, 6th was action/comedy day with 2 trailers one was SNOWMAN’S LAND a dark comedy in the style of Coen Brothers and then there was mutant mayhem in the Hong Kong american comic book inspired Benny Chans CITY UNDER SEIGE. Nothing happened on 7th but the 8th we had woody Allens YOU’LL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec just been released in Japan and here’s a a few tv spots and a trailer to celebrate its release. Finally on the 8th was the Heist movie NOKAS from the director of the original Insomina.

9th we had a Spanish horror-thriller VERBO, well it doesnt know what it wants to be apart from we learn the director has a lightstick fetish! Chow Yun Fat is LET BULLETS FLY in this chinese period drama and he may also have a Korean rival when it comes to action movies in THE MAN FROM NOWHERE, then its I SAW THE DEVIL a chiller starring oldboy actor Min-sik Choi. 10th was a quite day with one trailer with Australian rural romcom SUMMER CODA which leads us onto todays trailers. Andy Lau is DECTECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME a big budget epic mystery period thriller which sounds like something out of scooby doo then we finish with Noel Clarke in a Sci-fi pulp-fiction short movie called REIGN OF DEATH set in 1930’s.

Well thats your lot for this week ill post the trailer links this time next, to see this weeks just click on the links above an itll take you to the page. Why not follow the trailers on a daily basis go to CINEHOUSE blog and check out the trailers, i always have at least 1-2 new trailers or shorts daily for you to enjoy.


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