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New Jack Ryan Movie To Star Shooting Soon?

source Empire

We’ve known now for sometime that Chris Pine is taking over the role as Jack Ryan first played by Harrison Ford & Ben Affleck in previous movies. For sometime the idea of the new movie has been floating around development hell with no word of the next installment of the popular Jack Ryan franchise, but Empire movies have heard from Collider that Lorenzo di Bonaventura will be the movies producer and Ryan’s return to Moscow will be happening sooner rather than later.

“We’re looking forward to, maybe, with a little luck, starting late winter or early next spring,” says di Bonaventura, hich leads up nicely for Pine with his return to start the¬† shooting¬† for Star Trek 2 .

The original script was been written by Four Feathers scribe Hossein Amini but has now been taken over by new writer Adam Cozad. The movie wont be based on one of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels that havent been created for movies yet, but set just after he left the marines but before he join the CIA but will be set when he was a financial consultant for a Russian Billionaire. During the this he gets framed in a terrorist plot and has to go on the run to clear his name as well as rescue his kidnapped wife (mmmm…Salt?). There’s word that this version is a retooled version of Amini’s story which was to be set in Dubai, Di Bonaventura promises – “We have a very good script and I’m very happy with where we are today”.

When the movie does come out Paramount Pictures will be the studio releasing the movie and if filming has a supposed set date I think we’ll be hearing about the co-stars very soon.


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