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The Trailer for “Twilight” Spoof Vampires Suck

source HeyUguys

Okay if your a TWiHards you’ll probably hates this then again you not mind, have a laugh but here is the trailer for comedy VAMPIRES SUCK.

If your a vampire, werewolf or Lady Gaga this takes the rip out of you, this is a spoof parody of the Twilight New Moon/Eclipse movies… this is for the Twihaters outthere!!!Well I didnt think they still made these sort of movies anymore, spoof parodies of every big movie, then again how many people have said why are they still making Twilight Saga movies after poor reviews? Someone likes the movies thats why there still around. 99% of these parodies is 5 minutes of laughter then you forget!

Vampire Suck stars Ken Jeong, Charlie Weber, Chris Riggi and Anneliese van der Pol, out in USA  August 18th if you care.


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