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Movie Reviews – Need Your Help! Please!!

The Peoples Movies Needs Your Help!!! As you can see I dont have many reviews especially current reviews and as I’ve said before any reviews made by myself from the cinema are paid out of my own pocket only about 10% of any reviews are screeners of free previews. So its finanically impossible for myself to go and see every new movie out there so I need your help with a few of the reviews.

Okay I know I am based in Scotland so I tend to work on British release dates but The Peoples movies blog is open to ALL movie fans in the world, so even if you can do a movie review for a film that maybe out in your own country but not out in UK & Irealnd for a few weeks, nnot a problem send me it and ill just delay posting it online, closer to the uk date. I created this blog to let people post there reviews online and a review that is YOUR view so if hate or love a movie the mainstream media loves or hates, its your opinion and thats what counts!

1.So what can you review? Check out the coming soon page as I’ve roughly compiled the movie posters into the corresponding UK release dates, what are you looking for in a review? You can write 1 or 2 paragraphs or write a in depth one, its your choice all I ask is you give it a rating from 0(crap) upto 5 which is fantastic, perfect movie. Give a brief lowdown on the movie story, what you liked about it and if theres anything you didn’t like about it as long you get your point across. 3.Can I review more than one movie at a time as well review regulary? Yes! of  course you can this  blog is for you movie fans! the more the merrier!!! 4.Does it have be just mainstream movies reviewed? All movies accepted as I do have a another Blog Cinehouse which covers the indie/arthouse and international movie scene, plus some movies could have reviews on both blogs!!! 4.Do you have DVD reviews? Yes I love all reviews, just check with myself if your not British/Irish that the movie is out or will be soon out on DVD in UK as theres been times movies are released on DVD in USA and they havent been released in cinema yet in UK! 5.What format and where do I send my review? Send your reviews by Email to the usual place of and if you also love writing articles/posts on movies/cinema in general this is the place to do it.

Here’s some movies you may want to review that re recently released or coming out this weekend:

This Friday:Predators (out tomorrorw) Twilight:Eclispe, London River, Lymelife

In Cinemas Now: MacGruber, The Collector, Get Him To The Greek, Whatever Works, Shrek Forever After, Killers, Tetro, When In Rome, Brooklyns Finest, Heartbreakers, letters to juliet, greenberg

Coming Soon: Inception, Toy Story 3, Splice, The Tourement, city island, rebound, A-Team,Karate Kid,

Thats the list  up to July, so get creative and send those reviews and keep loving film!!!


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