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4 New Movie Clips For Inception have appeared online

source Collider

Just over a week to go now until Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION hit the cinemas here in UK & Ireland as well as across the big pond.

The review emabrgo has been lifted and the reviews are flooding in (mines will come when I see it with the public!) and so far things are looking really good for the movie with a few criticisms which is still positive news after a really poor year for the big boys at the box office.

Today Warner Bros has posted 4 new movie clips for the movie which thanks to Collider have been compiled into one trailer which you can enjoy below. I do like to post movie clips, trailers, featurette anything and everything of any upcoming new movie but sometimes when a antcipated movie is coming out like Inception its good to see a few basic, teasers of the movie and thats that. If you did watch, look at everything it can spoil the occassion when you finally get to see the movie and I think the less you see the better. So a little spoiler warning before you consider watching if not please do enjoy.

Movie stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Cillan Murphy, movie out on Friday 16th July.

Stay tuned as Im about to post the first of the video interviews for the movie.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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