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Javier Bardem Will Put on His Dance Shoes Into GLEE

source Empire

If your a oscar winning/nominated actor parts in movies must be coming fast at you from everywhere but to some people when that actor is to appear in a popular tv musical show like Glee you may think they’ve landed on hard times and are desperete for work. No matter how popular or what you think of that show an hollywood actor appearing on the show he or she needs the work despretely, so when No country for old men  actor Javier Badrem is to appear on Glee you may think its some sort of joke,think again.

Badrem is in eat pray love (out september 24th) and appears as Julia Roberts love interest and this movie happens to been directed by Brian Murphy who happens to be a co-creator of Glee and according to Entertainment Weekly Badrem will apppear in next season’s episodes. The idea was pitched to Spanish actor whilst on the set of eat pray love and he’ll play a rock star friend of Artie (Kevin McHale);

“We’re going to rock the house,” Badrem tells EW,

“We’re going to do some heavy metal — Spanish heavy metal, which is the worst.”

It sounds a great idea and it looks like Javier Bardem is an actor who is game for a laugh and willing to try anything even if it could be embarrassing but then it could be a great thing for him to do though.Could we see the floOdgates opening for more big name hollywood actors appearing, could Glee be the next Simpson/Family Guy “if I’m cool I want to be on it” type attitude? only time will tell.


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