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James Bond, The End? Report suggest MGM have cancelled Bond

source The Playlist

Are we surprised this story is out? No but reports are stating EON Productions has finally pulled the plug on James Bond movie 23.

Things are not looking good the movie insitution for it’s 23rd movie or even any future movie to be frank! EON announced a while back they where suspending development on the movie due to MGM’s financial woes and do what 22 evil bosses could n’t do to 007? Kill him off!!

The 23rd movie was to be directed by Sam Mendes with a  Peter Morgan script which has now apparently been ditched, well there’s even rumours that Sam Mendes moved on and is planning to work on the Ian McEwan story of  OnChesil Beach. As for Daniel Craig i’ve always been 50/50 like him/dont like him, convinced him as a action typed hero but as a spy I am slowly liking him but the way MGM is going there’s a good chance he’ll only be Bond for 2 movies. Currently he’s working on Cowboys & Aliens movie and possibly landing a role in David Fincher’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Hollywood remake.

Even in development hell a movie costs money and thats what MGM dont want, they want to cement the holes in their pockets and have a nice person to fill them up again and get them out of debt, thus the projects they have on standby can re-start and get out for all of us movie fans to see & hopefully enjoy. You can say the way things are for MGM there are pinning their hopes on The Hobbit movie which for now is still looking to start production in january (highly unlikely) and with a empty pots were cash was before we doubt Bond will be on her majesty’s Service again, at least not for a very very very long time.

As for how true the report is about the axing we cannot tell but personally this looks like a case of mainstream rags sensationalism as it comes from a unreliable ‘glum insider’ for newspaper trash UK Mirror who could convince your grandparents where aliens with sensationalised crap. All the mirror have done have rehashed an already publicised quote from EON:

“We do not know when development will resume and cannot comment further at this stage”

So until we see this news/gossip come from a reliable source or confirmed from the horses mouth, we can say nothing is confirmed YET, but what we can say is James Bond wont be on our big screens for a very very long time.


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