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R Rated Bioshock Movie Still On The Cards – Verbinski

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In a movie world clogged up with remakes, prequels,reboots,sequels, 3D, comic-book adaptations, I’m surprised there hasn’t been many video game movie adaptations. I assume film studios are either had a look at the history of what games that have made it to the big screen which have been of a rating of average-poor or simply the studios are thinking of budget sizes than adaptations which could actually be good. One movie that looks like it’ll be still happening is  BIOSHOCK which will see 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directoing and Pirates of The Carribbean director Gore Verbinski (same director of next years Rango Movie) taking on the producing.

IGN caught up with the Rango director recently and questioned him on the Bioshock movie andif the movie will be ‘R’ (18) Rated:

“has to be R, a hard R.” –  But how many video game cum movies have become 18? o! The other question should be asked will Universal Pictures ever let another game movie be made and one that needs a r/18 rating? Probably not after the disaster of Prince Of Persia  the quest looks near impossible, but there’s always hope! Verbinksi was asked if Prince of Persia would have an impact on Bioshock  – “No, I think BioShock’s a rare one because it’s actually a great story.” this is a point I agree with and possibly an arguement for a few more game adaptations as a few of the major or even known games can have original gamepaly/plot which could lok vey tasty on screen if created in a proper way and Universal possibly should let faillings take a backseat and look forward (though I do see there perspective they dont want another disaster at the box-office).

Verbinski also updated on the movies status:

“We’re working trying to make it. The problem with BioShock was: R-rated movie, underwater, horror. It’s a really expensive R-rated movie,” he explained. “So we’re trying to figure out a way working with [director] Juan Carlos [Fresnadillo] to get the budget down and still keep so it’s true to the core audience, you know? The thing is it has to be R, a hard R.”

How far Ive got with this blog its embarrassing to say before The Peoples Movies I didnt really know who Gore Verbinski was but I as my knowledge & experience grew I realised how much I do like his previous work and quite excited now about this project. When I was younger I was a gamer fanatic usually football games along with shoot em ups but as I got older the systems got better and more expensive I grew away from them but always had a look what im missing (have a psp now) and Bioshock was a game that crepted up regulary. Verbinski was meant to be the director but thanksfully he stayed in the project to produce and Fresnadillo directing who has intruders movie first before Bioshock, I do like his unique gritty darry humanistic style seen in 28 Weeks later is making this look like a worthwhile project (more than Halo).
As and when this project will start rolling you guess is good as mines but the question was asked if Fresnadillo would stay onboard all the way until things start rolling:

“We’re really down the road with Juan Carlos and right now it’s really a budget thing and how to keep the integrity and keep it a Hollywood movie because it could balloon. It’s a lot. Our first budget was extraordinarily high and we’re working on it.”

More I think about this project the budget seems to be the stumbling block with Prince of Persia poor box office sales is probably why nothings moved yet but thankfully Verbinski is keeping the flame alive for Bioshock to be created for the big screen, I think we can say if anything is to happen it’ll be after Intruders.

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