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Piranha 3D Conjures Up a JAWSome Poster

source RopesofSilicon (poster movieposterDB)

A new French poster for Alexandre Aja‘s Piranha 3D has surfaced online coming from the movies Facebook page via French movie site CinemaTeaser.

I know this is going to sound really corny but the new poster is absolutely JAWSome!!! Oh yes that was bad! Go on then throw me to the Piranha’s and get over with quickly!!! Seriously the reason for that corny joke is when you look at the poster right away the designers have went for the vintage design and pays homage to the Jaws movie (which was 35 years old on June 2oth!). But the original movie was sort of a spoof spin-off  of Jaws and when I heard this movie was been remade  I couldn’t speak for hours and first thing I said was…”Why?!!!” I can see why  slightly it was remade Money, a chance for younger generation to see how a spoof movie is made along with going down the same route as Expendables, a retro (1970’s, Expendables 1980’s) movie remade in modern times to remember ‘the good old days’. Most obivous reason is to exploit us moviegoers into spending more money into going 3D which like the comic book genre over used thinking watching cgi fish jumping at us make us think, wow! 3D is great!! ah right!

This movie I get the same feeling as Expendables, its, cheessy corny & retro it can turn out to be a great laugh with people enjoying it so much or simply be a massive flop but whatever way it’ll get a cult following with a decent turnout.One thing I do love about these movies it’s usually filled with actors whom either where big years ago or where in one hit wonders, a-lister wannabes or simply live on been in these B-movie flicks and I’m not far off when I say this: Eli Roth, Dina Meyer, Adam Scott, Ving Rhames, Richard Dreyfuss, Elisabeth Shue and Kelly Brook!

As the poster says “SEA, SEX AND …..BLOOD”, they’ll be plenty when this comes out on August 20th in UK,Ireland and USA.

Here’s the Jaws poster notice the similarties?

I never posted the trailer when it came out but here it is now!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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