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Colin Farrell Going To Be The Prince of Darkness?….Sharron!!!!

source Playlist

I know some of you girls out there like the odd bad boy or two, rough, ready and sexy and colin Farrell does fall into that category for some girls, but what if you where told that the irish badboy could be going to play the prince of darkness? Well it looks like he maybe the prince of darkness, Black Sabbath front man Ozzie Osbourne!!!

The bat eating, once heavy drug using rock icon turn tv reality star looks set to have have his protrayed on the big screen in a biopic with Colin Farrell playing mr Osbourne according to Playlist. Theres a possiblity that the production could be close to kicking off but no other actors have been connected to play in this movie .

Colin drinks, he smokes, he womanizes. He’s just a sleeve tattoo away from being a real rock star,” a spokesperson apparently told the Irish Times I havent seen much of Colin’s work  since Minority Report/Phone Booth, 2 movies I enjoyed but he has been on a bit of a shaky rollercoaster since. When I think of Colin Farrell I still think of him BBC irish based soap BallyKissangel when he also played a chancer and that was away back in 1996.

Believe it or not Johnny Depp was the first actor to be connected with Brummie’s rock icon, a part I could see Depp doing  very good basically he would take alot of elements from his Jack Sparrow ego with a few tweets, possible. This is what Osbourne said on the Depp rumours:

“want a Johnny Depp or someone from the Hobbit films [to play him]. I want someone who knows Birmingham.”

Whoever will play osbourne will likely have to be someone who could do a Birmingham accent well, so maybe a comprimise will have to be agreed despite Ozzie concerns, so maybe he should follow his wife’s route and do a x-factor type audition show and make us all laugh and cry at the same time!


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