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It’s Offical, The New Spiderman is …….

source Empire

Well wait is finally over the new Spiderman has been named! it’s…………………….Andrew Garfield!

Garfield will pack his pens in his bag head off to College as the nerdy young Peter Parker and when danger calls he’ll be Spiderman in Marc Webb’s rebooted 2012 upcoming version. Yes folks this aint rumours no more , its the truth and Sony confirmed/announced via twitter but also check below the annoucement video (thanks to Traileraddict) of Garfield’s appointment.

Well many websites, blogs, newspapers all thought the new spiderman would have been Josh Hutcherson, he seemed to be there favourite but we would have liked Jamie Bell but some sites said he was too old for the part (Garfield 26 years old, Bell 24 years!). Andrew Garfield’s appointment has raised a few eyebrows and when he stepped out into a press conference /announcement in Cancun Mexico with marc webb & producers Avi Aarad and Laura Ziskin many believe he was here to plug his next flick The Social Network.

I am glad the whole shebang is now over and now the rumour mill will concentrate who’ll be his co-stars, as for am I happy he’s Peter Parker? yes I am. Yes he’s older but he has that fresh faced look and will handle the part very well, he’s a very talented young actor varied roles in Boy A, Red Riding Trilogy, Inmaginarum of Dr.Parnassuss and Lions For Lambs (a movie he gained alot of great reviews from) and soon in The Social Network & Never Let Me Go.

If you look at The comicbook movie world you can now add Spiderman next to Batman, X-Men:First Class, Kick-Ass for having British dominating the cast or crew! The filming for the movie will start December aiming for July 3rd, 2012 release date in 3D with Columber Pictures/Marvel Studios releasing the movie.

There’s still a long way to go, lots of casting news to follow, so are you happy with the choice?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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