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Is Multiple Man Appearing in X-Men:First Class?

source Movieweb

In the 2006 X-Men:Last Stand movie he or should I say they made an appearence, Jamie Madox aka Multiple Man and he was last played by Eric Dane.

Comic Book Movie are reporting that there’s 3 actors in line to play the man with multiples of himself but who those 3 young actors are we dont really know, but if you look at it, he’s multiple man i’m sure all three can play him!!! Here’s a short description of Jamie Madox from Marvel’s website…

“Jamie Madrox’s mutant ability was apparent at birth when a duplicate was created upon his being slapped by the doctor. Two weeks later, Jamie’s father resigned from the Los Alamos

Nuclear Research Center and moved his family to an intentionally isolated farm in Kansas

at the suggestion of Professor Charles Xavier. From a young age, Madrox was given a special suit to wear that would neutralize his mutant power, but before this could be explained to him a freak tornado killed his parents when he was 15.”

In other X-Men related news The Daily Mail is reporting that Benjamin Walker wont be part of  the new movie, here’s what a movieweb source said about Walker:

“Fox absolutely loved him, booked him and the next minute they’re saying they don’t want him. It was bizarre because they’d signed a deal on him,’ a source intimately involved in the situation told me from Los Angeles yesterday.”

Strangely Walker may still end up been offered the Beast (Hank McCoy) part as reports say 3 other hopefull where  tested yesterday but none passed what Fox was looking for. As if any of the above is just rumour/gossip only time will tell but what we can say is James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are confirmed in it as Charles Xavier and Magneto!

anything interesting or viable pops up I;ll do my best to cover it here!


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