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Meryl Streep To Play Margaret Thatcher in Movie Biopic

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source Totalfilm

Okay I know the quality of movies inthe past 10 years hasn’t been fantastic, but are you taking the piss?! Apologies for the naughty word at the end of the last sentence, but THR are reporting that a movie biopic for the Iron Lady aka Margaret Tatcher is being prepared, with Meryll Streep in talks to play Maggie (Maggie Maggie! Out!Out!Out!!!).

Mama Mia! director Phyllida Llyod is up for directing the movie, which will simply be called, Thatcher;’ as for ol’ Dennis Thatcher, Jim Broadbent is in negotiations to play that part.

The movie will be set in 1982, when Thatcher’s popularity was dwindling; with the Falkland’s War only 17 days away, the movie will follow Thatcher’s efforts to revive her career and how she went on (unfortunately) to win a second term.

“the 2 1/2-month war was a turning point for the prime minister, who, after the victory, saw her approval ratings double and went on to win a second term” – THR

As for Streep playing Thatcher, I can honestly say that she does have the stature to play her and show a presence on screen which Thatcher could do in her cabinet; enough to make sure they knew she was boss. It could get Streep an oscar nod, in the same way that Helen Mirren got one for The Queen, only time will tell . At this moment no casting has been confirmed, but BBC Films will be releasing the movie.

I myself am Scottish & British and I was a kid when Thatcher was in power. From what I could remember of her, it was a scary time; with Cold War in its later stages she publically admitted, that if she felt threatened, she would press the button before USA and we’d all be wiped off the face of the earth by a nuclear bomb. Even though she could be seen as a inspiration for women to go out, get to the top of the work ladder and succeed, she was a dictator, with the UK as a Police State (still is in a way, but not as extreme as then). She increased the class divide between rich & working class, closed State owned industries, destroyed peoples lives and used certain parts of the UK (usually northern England into Scotland) as guinea pigs for new unlawful taxes (poll tax); there were riots and protests galore ( a little bit like how Greece is with protests/riots), you where simply discriminated because of where you were from, your class and political views.

I do hope if this movie does get made, that they don’t paint her in a sympathetic view of being a good person (she wasn’t).  I know in certain parts of the world she was adored and in other parts they loathed her (Russia especially). Hopefully though, the film will provide a fair, levelled view of Maggie Thatcher.


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