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First Trailer For LET ME IN Debuts Online

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source BleedingCool

The First Trailer (teaser) for the remake of the classic Tomas Alfredson vampire movie Let The Right One In has debuted online. Now called LET ME IN the hollywood remake name directed by Matt Reeves who brought us JJ Abrams Cloverfield with Kodi Smit-MacPhee (The Road) ,Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass), Elias Kosteas and Richard Jenkins also star.

Back in 2009 when it was annouced that this movie was up for a hollywood style remake I approached this remake with caution as like many reworkings of good foreign movies into english language have sadly failed. The expectation of a good remake due to the sucess of the original outside Sweden I would say would be very high but looking at the trailer below I think we can say Mr.Reeves has been very faithful to the original so fans no need to worry!

I am myself one of those highly critical of hollywood destroying good foreign movies with poor English language version but if dont with the right care & respect of the movie origin I have no problems with a reworking. Whatever you think of this movie it will get scrutinize and like everything it will have its supporters as well as haters,thats life!

The Film will be co-released with Overture Films and its nice to see them back Hammer Films a horror insitute, no uk/Irish release date yet but for USA its hope the movie will be out October 1st.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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