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Finally! Studio to Name the new Spiderman very shortly!

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source WorstPreviews

Its been a long road, of rumours, gossip, news and pure speculation but the wait is nearly over to find out who’ll play the young Peter Parker aka Spiderman in the 2012 reboot movie. Deadline is reporting that Sony/Columbia pictures are getting close to a decision of whom will play the world’s favourite webslinger and its about time guys!!!

Friday gone by they state the screen tests were reviewed by majority of the ones who’ve done the test but even though list has been cut down they do state no one has been offered the part and there could still be the odd new candidate thrown into the affray. The list of who will be Peter Parker grows by the minute with Anton Yelchin (Star Trek), Aaron Johnson (Kick-ass, Nowhere Boy), Andrew Garfield (Social Network), Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson), Jamie Bell (Billy Elliott), Alden Erhenreich (Tetro) with even Frank Dillane (Harry Potter & Half Blood Prince) and Micahel Angarano (Gentleman’s Bronco) have been been rumoured to be on the list but confirmation if they were offered or even had a screen test.

With Production of the movie due to begin at the end of the year Sony/Columbia want to get their lead man in place so they can start to test for the supporting cast and if the movie is to be done in 3D everything will have to be set in stone as the production this way can be very lengthy.


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