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Ok it isn’t nice in this day& age not to be working but one of the things I really missed out was my chance to check out my first Edinburgh Film Festival as a blogger. There was so many good movies I wanted to see and one of those was this David Michod’s ANIMAL KINGDOM.

I dont like much Australian TV simply down to the cheesy pathetic soaps that still dominate British tv but one thing the Aussies are good at is there movies for the big screen and Animal Kingdom is one of them and simply down to the coverage the movie got after its Sundance appearance I’ve got very interested.

The movie is a simple story about a notorious family (kids, mum, gran,etc…) from the Melbourne underworld and the teen of the family Josh navigates his survival as well resentment to be like his family but he is forced to follow against his wishes but one cop believes he can save him.

A few familar faces in the line up the main one been Guy Pearce and Joel Edgerton who’ll be playing Sam Carter(played by Kurt Russell in the 1981 version) in 2011 prequel to the THING. We must take note Jackie Weaver who plays mum of the family could also be in line for a oscar nomination which is a sign of how highly the industry thinks of this film.

Back in March I posted the international trailer but now the movie has a American release date (sorry no UK date yet confirmed) of August 13th with Sony Classics releasing the movie stateside.check out the American trailer below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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