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New INCEPTION Featurette – ‘Meet The Characters’

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source Collider

Warner Bros has posted a new featurette for Christopher Nolan’s Inception courtesy of MSN UK.

The featurette focuses on the characters of the movie and before you go any further there’s a little spoiler alert!The trailer does give a few more insight’s into Nolan’s ‘mindbender’ of a movie but for us out in movie fandom world there maybe just a little to much info thus spoil your enjoyment of the movie which is only about 3 weeks away (July 16th).

So if your like me the odd trailer with some tv spots does the job for me if I do want to see it or not and I do want to see it and my spoiler alert comes from advice from other websites/blogs as I’m not watching it.As I like to say if you want to see something dont over spoil your excitement keep some mystery for the day, less you see the better you’ll enjoy, but if you dont care please do enjoy the featurette.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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