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It’s Offical Sam Raimi is off to see the wizard on the yellow brick road

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source Deadline

Yesterday I posted a article that Sami Raimi is in line to direct OZ, The Great Powerful the 3d Walt Disney Prequel to the classic 1939 Wizard Of Oz fantasy, well according to Deadline it’s offical he has been hired.

The deal according to them was struck last night and this is big news for the Studio that needs to get a few penny’s after recent slumps and investments in Marvel Entertainment, signs are good for this movie to become a multi-billion  global hit.

“Robert Downey Jr. isn’t set yet. They are going to develop for him, if things go right. The script will be rewritten,”

The question is who will play the wizard of Oz? according to Deadline source Robert Downey Jnr will play the wizard  well in the days pre-1939 original movie days when he was a circus wrangler in Kanas who gets transported into the mysterious world of oz whom the people beleive he is a know all .

So do you think Sam Raimi can go where Tim Burton tried to go with Alice? create a fantastic movie? Is Robert Downey Jnr the right actor to play the wizard? let us know what you think?

We’re off to see the wizard ! wonderful wizard of oz! just follow that yellow brick road!!!


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