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Sam Raimi to direct Dorothy of Oz?

source HeyUguys

Even if didnt like the movie or you just thinks its outdated you cant deny the brillance of the cinematic classic Wizard of Oz, it set the way for movie story telling, special fx, fantasy movie genre the list is endless it help set foundations. So in the ‘Remake’ era of movies you either cringe or laugh or just simply say leave it as it is when ideas, gossip arise about the latest remakes or even sequels. Sami Raimi is a big gun who has been in limbo since  Sony cut him away from the Spiderman franchise so what can he do?

Not long ago he has been connected to direct Oz, The Great and Powerful a movie to be based on the wizard whom earlier rumours are stating  going to be Robert Downey Jnr and according to Vulture. the job is his. This doesn’t look like its going to be his first venture on the old yellow brick road as next up is a 3d animated sequel to the 1939 movieDorothy of Oz with Glee’s Leah Michele to be the voice of Dorothy with Kelsey Grammer, Dan Akroyd, james belushi and olivier platt also involved.

Just one little word of warning, prepare to wear ear protection when this movie comes out (Dorothy of OZ), the movie soundtrack will be sung by Bryan Adams so I wonder if we’ll have the cheesy crapness we got from Kevin Costners camp mullet laden robin hood movie?what was it 10 minutes of sheer hell to the ear lobes?


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