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FLAUNT MAGAZINE #109 (The Fashion Issue) Featuring Emile De Ravin, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, chris egan

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Just received some more content from magazine Flaunt with issue 109 which is the Fashion Issue. I’ve received some interesting preview articles on Emile De Ravin (Lost, Remember Me), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (WatchMen, Losers) and Chris Egan (Letter to Juliet), shedding a little light on the threesome’s careers so far.

Im not going to post the three articles all tonight but over the next three days with today article on Australian actress Emile De Ravin who played Claire in the recently finish Lost Television serial and on the big Screen in Remember Me with Twilight’s Robert Pattison.

Tommorrow I’ll post Chris Egan who plays in Letter To Juliet with Amanda Seyfried which came out in the British/Irish cinemas Yesterday.

Many Thanks to Steven from Confluence for the articles and if you want to check out a printed version or simply more information on Flant check out there website link  here.


Emile De Ravin

The actress readies for a post-Lost career, pouncing on dynamic roles in top projects, with a measured approach.
and the centered ascent

written by Maxwell Williams photos by Don Flood

Emilie de ravin crouches atop a window’s eave in an unfinished Frank Lloyd Wright concrete vista at the tiptop of the most
scenic mountain in Malibu, looking like a vision of innocence with a bad streak. Her coif is blown by a wind machine, her clothes are downright sexy, and she is game, laying on the sunbaked dirty floor of the house. Earlier she bumped her head on a rock, pretty hard, hard enough to hear, almost enough to worry. But we’re talking Emilie de Ravin here, and nothing, let alone a petty bonk, compares to the emotional distress she has to tap into as Claire Littleton, mother of one of the “Oceanic Six.”

You know what that is if you’re a fan of the sci-fi NBC drama Lost, and you know that de Ravin’s Claire is strong and subtle, and you’re probably in love with her. De Ravin will miss Lost, in its final season, she lets on, having gelled with the cast after being aprinciple character on one of America’s biggest television sensations for five of the past six years. “It’s weird, sort of bittersweet,” she says, her smile ever so slightly downturned, “We’re excited that it’s ending, but sad.”

During her hiatus (Claire Littleton was kept in a secret hiding place during season five) from Lost, de Ravin has kept quite busy. “But good busy,” she says with a crisp Australian inflection. “Remember Me came out in March, I have an animated film called Guardians of the Ga’Hoole—which was really fun to work on—coming out later this year, and then a couple of other cool indies they haven’t figured out what they’re doing with.” Remember Me was a runaway hit with the teen crowds, not surprising considering de Ravin plays the love interest of Robert Pattinson. But even with her newfound celebrity, de Ravin tends to keep the home life separate. “That seems to work out okay,”she grins.

What makes de Ravin so appealing, enhancing her sharply beautiful features, her pale, considerate eyes, is her deliberateness. You can tell she’s comfortable in her skin, content to stay out of the spotlight. “I’m more of a sit at home and watch movies kind of girl,” she says, coolly. “I think beauty does come from within. For me, I’m a very natural person. I’m not a makeup-y person. I love just being able to see someone’s eyes and skin as just what it is.”

Standing on top of Malibu can make one lose their sense of space in the world—as Joan Didion once wrote, it’s the apex of “the easy life” up here—but de Ravin is focused, hard-working, and even excited about expressing herself in front of the camera. Even her past is quiet and intense, two words that could umbrella as the prevailing characteristics de Ravin emotes. “Self-expression is extremely important,” she says. “I always knew I was going to be doing something in the performing arts. I was a ballet dancer for a long time, right before I started acting. It’s really just a different way of expressing yourself. Feeling comfortable in your own body and being centered. I love that.”


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