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Teaser Trailer For Disney’s TANGLED

source HeyUguys

Yahoo have just debuted the first offical teaser trailer for Walt Disney’s animation TANGLED online.

The movie is Disney’s take on the fairytale Rapunzel which it was originally called but as its not exactly following the original story the name was changed. Tangled has been pitched as a sort of Rapunzel for boys but its the movies most wanted hotshot charmer Flynn Rider who climbs the mysterious tower. When he gets to the tops he is captured by the teen girl who resides there called Rapunzel whom has 70 feet of golden hair and she want’s out her tower so both make an agreement thus starts there epic adventure.

Plenty of Slapstick humour here and it does look good, cute and it’s about time Disney gets there finger out and starting producing high qaulity especially on the traditional animated front.Tangled voice cast includes Mandy Moore as the golden haired vixen Rapunzel with Chuck’s Zachary Levi as the charmer Flynn Rider with Ewan Magregor and Steve Martin helping out as well.

The movie has been scheduled for a November 24th release date for USA but no UK/Irish date so expect Tangled to be a similar date or at at least a christmas/new year movie.

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