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Hillary Swank Joins John Carpenter’s FANGLAND

source SlashFilm

The last few years on the small and big screen Vampire’s seem to be a big trend with some television/movie studios. Everything from Trueblood, soon to be remade Fright Night,  Twilight franchise and now John Carpenter creating Fangland with Academy winner Hilary Swank.

I do love my horror’s but I am one of the very few people who didnt like True Blood along with alot the recent vampire inspired movies/tv programmes so I do get a bit skeptical when something new is been created. The only thing that keeps me interested in this project is that Horror Master John Carpenter the man behind Halloween, The Fog, The Thing and Escape From New York is behind this one.

This will be Carpenter’s first feature movie since Ghost Of Mars which came out 9 years ago in 2001, this will also be Swank’s first venture back into horror since The Reaping .Fangland wont be Swank’s first venture into the vampire genre as she played Kimberly in the movie version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer , as for Carpenter he directed Vampires starring James Woods.

Fangland is based on a novel by John Marks and is based around Evangeline Harker producer/writer for the Hour (a 60 Minutes  type news magazine show and Marks is a former 60 minutes producer) who despite protests to her boss she is sent to Romania and to Translyvania to meet Romanian crime lord Ion Torgu and from here things go downhill and a little bit on the weird side as well.

This is like s sort 21st century take on the classic Dracula story, ill give it a chance as it using elements of old fangfaces origins and in the era of remakes,reboots & prequels we do have Dracula 3000 coming our way soon so why not?  Before Fangland we do have THE WARD a horror-thriller starring Amber Head which is in post production which should be out September/October time.


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