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BIG Rumour:Jamie Bell Going To Be Spiderman in the new reboot franchise?

source SlashFilm

Since the news months back that the Spiderman franchise was going into a reboot, the rumourmill  went into overdrive meltdown.

Possibly scaring off it’s hardcore older (over 25 age group) fanbase, they decided to reinvent everyone’s favourite webslinger into a younger university student, to go after those ‘Twilight’ fans.

It started with who will the director be, then it was the storyline and ever since those two rumours got sorted out it’s just been about who will play Peter Parker. Websites, blogs galore have been posting rumours, news, lists of who they think are in the running with Andrew Garfield, Alden Ehrenreich,Frank Dillane and Josh Hutcherson all apparently on theshortlist to play Spidey.

Nothing is concrete or has 100% confirmation according to Slashfilm whom have heard it from Bleeding Cool who is reporting from a number of sources that British Actor Jamie Bell is the man that Sony to be the webslinger. If he is the new Spiderman many people will remember him  as “Billy Elliot kid is Spiderman”!, well he has done a number of movies with King Kong remake, Jumper, Defiance and next year as the voice of Tintin in Steven Speilberg/Peter Jackson’s The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.

As in if he’ll be the right choice I dont really know, but he’ll have a slightly similar route into the spidey franchise the way Tobey Maguire a few known movie parts nothing major and he’ll grow with some stature. I’m sure everyone has there own opinions and points on who they believe is the best choice, Ive given up who to play the part just dont like the fact that movie companies are trying to just target certain age groups rather than a movie for all ages. Who ever wins the part wont have overall fantastic reviews from the critics when movie one appears it’ll take time to adjustso if Jamie bell is labelled the one from Billy Elliott will disappear if Spiderman job becomes offical and that young lad from north east of England, a mining village near Newcastle will be known as the all dancing all singing Peter Parker  aka Spiderman, look forward to the offical word.


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