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The new second THE EXPENDABLES trailer has hit the internet and I do love the unusal way the trailer was presented. The characters protrayed over a silver cross & Bones which maybe a ring and if you think about it, the trailer plays more like a teaser and with only 2 months away the movie it is quiet a shallow trailer which will more likely be the trailer that’ll promote the movie the most.

The thing I am dissappointed with is that the trailer promotes Bruce Willis & Arnold Schwarzenegger as major character when there only in the movie as cameos for their buddy Stallone and if your Statham & Li and co I would be a tad upset. Yeah they maybe bigger names but the other actors are in the movie for the long run so coverage should be more for them than the other 2 . This looks more like a studio dangling a carrott in front of us with big name movie stars to intice us in, you dont have to do that we’re hook already!!!

Below is a new poster nothing special but at least theres only the names of the films main stars!!! The Expendables will be hitting the UK/Irish screens August 20th and 1 week earlier on August 13th USA.

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