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THE PEOPLESMOVIES Back Next Week full time!!!

hello all my fellow movie fans hope your having a great time in the summer movie world, Ive missed alot of big movies that have come out since mid april some good, some bad due to be working in greece. Well from monday I will be back in reality and back in the uk as my work in Greece is nearly over quicker than I expected so ill be updating the blog right away and going back to the way things where before i came out to greece.

I am sad im leaving work but im happy that im going back to what i love doing  blogging about movies!!! So if you have any new movie reviews please do send them into and ill post them for you, got any great stuff maybe help out anyway please do get in touch, I know ive missed alot of great trailers in past few weeks so ill update the trailers very shortly with alot of those trailers, the banners will be update along with links, etc…

Apoligies to people who have sent me movies to be reviewed or books i do apoligisei will review them by next week latest post the reviews here (revolver, kick-ass book). So thank you to everyone who has kept checking the blog soon my friends we will be up and running very shortly but if i get time to post any new stuff i will do shortly


the peoplesmovies


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