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Iron Man 2 ‘Easter Egg’ & 4 New International Posters

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source Latino Review

To me a easter egg is the little piece of Chocolate shaped like eggshell you get every April, those eggs you wish where filled up with the centre of your favourite chocolate bar,mmmm but no! It shows you how much I know and still need to learn, a easter egg  is that bonus extra scene you get during the end credits and during my experience working at a cinema as an usher its the bit 99% of the audience miss (Like Zack and Miri does porno easter egg). So if your antcipating the soon to be released Iron Man 2 movie there is apparently a meaty easter egg awaiting for you in the end credits.

With the talk of the Avengers team movie on the cards this easter egg goodie is an scene that would set up for The Avengers movie! I haven’t seen Iron Man 1 but there was a scene there with Nick Fury wonders into Tony Starks place bickering about the security and a need to form a ‘Team’. If you even go to Incredible Hulk there’s a scene there too with General Ross talking about a team as well, it seems to be a popular thing for the ‘easter egg’ to be in Marvel character movies so expectations of one to be included in Iron Man 2 are very likely. Talk already will there be one in thor or even captain America? Dont be surprised, it might only be like a Stan Lee cameo in the background like a newspaper or billboard advert promoting the avengers or at least a clue to the next marvel movie.

The rumour seems to have come from Italian movie site and here’s what they said translated to English:

A 100% trusted source (NOT from the production/distribution, but very familiar with the movie) confirmed us today that there will be an easter egg in IM2. It’s an extra scene, just like the one in the first movie, after the end credits. We are able to tell you what’s about! It’s a scene about… Captain America and Thor! Maybe this doesn’t seem a big reveal, but it’s nice to have a confirmation.

If you can read italian, here you can read the news. It says exactly what I told you, and adds that in Italy the name “Avengers” will be translated “Progetto Vendicatori” in Iron Man 2 (yes, there will be some chatter about the avengers in the movie!)…

Marvel Entertainment  know the score when it comes to their fanbase they want to see movies with there favourite superheros and with The Avengers movie scheduled for 2012 release they want you guys to know and with Chris Evans now Captain America dont be surprised it Cap will be in the easter egg for Iron Man 2. So maybe it would now be a idea to stay put as the credits roll to see what the fuss will be all about, remember it may not be an acted scene it could be a newspaper, photo, billboard just something visually to tease you!

Below are 4 new international posters for France’s promotion for the movie.


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