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Darren Aronofsky to Cast Rachel Weisz as Jackie Kennedy

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Over the years we’ve had endless movies American Presidents made for the big screen but never really the first lady (with the exception of the odd tv movie) so its no surprise that a movie is now going to be made. When you look down the list of first ladies there’s only a few of them that stand out, but there’s only one woman who you could really only create into a movie for  her glamorous as well as controversial thats Jackie Kennedy.

Entertainment Weekly arereporting that the simple titled movie Jackie based on the life & times of John F Kennedy’s wife Jackie will be created with Rachel Weisz playing the leading role with the story based on the days leading up to her then husband John F Kennedy in 1963. It was first reported that Steven Speilberg was parading the spec script in the shop window , a script written by Noah Oppenheim but seems to be untrue according to EW who say Wrestler director Darren Aronofsky will be directing and he happens to be Rachel Weisz’s husband.

Its said Aronofsky’s company Protozoa Pictures are developing the movie with Scott Franklin(Wrestler producer) and its them not Spielberg who are shopping the project around the major studios. Looking at correspondant reports of this movie project I wonder if Aronofksy will actually direct this movie if they get a potential buyer? It looks omnious he is using his name behind the project, “the man behind The Wrestler and ressurection of Mickey Rourke’s career’ . I know the movie is focused on Jackie but you got to ask what angle on JFK’s assassination will they take? The movie is to focus on the 4 days between the assassination and the burial which shows Jackie at her most vunerable but also most graceful, Wiesz is an good actress but can she pull off a powerfull performance as this part will need a strong female lead.

Black Swan with Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman is Aronofsky’s next movie which he is working on at the moment and if the above project does get the greenlight and hell will direct, when will it happen? He has been connected with so many projects, stay tuned for more details when they come.


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