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Moneyball confirmed for July Shoot

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source ThePlaylist

According to Deadline the long awaited and very delayed American baseball movie MoneyBall will finally start shooting this summer in July.

This movie has had more call offs than you could imagine and it comes a little bit of a shock to hear that Colombia Pictures have given this movie the green light to finally start filming . It was problem after problem, low on money,rejections, contractal problems you name it, its happened for this movie and it was getting that bad Playlist even heard they where going to close the book on this movie and scrap it all together!

The current plot at the moment will see Brad Pitt playing Billy Beane the genral manager of Okland A’ s and Jonah Hill The statguru Paul DePodesta whom he hired to put together a team on a shoe string budget. As I’m not American though I do like American popular sports such as Basketball, ice hockey as in rules and budgets on creating teams in USA are but over the atlantic in UK football or as our American friends call it Soccer its common for many teams at all levels of the game to create teams on a shoestring budget!

Its beleived Bennett Miller (Capote) the movies director and Pitt rejected Aaron Sorkin’s script draft on several occasions but it does seem the movie will follow Steve Zaillian’s script which is apparently funnier, a more buddy comedy though this isnt a comedy movie, but im sure Pitt and Hill will play off each other like chalk &cheese.

Money and budget seems to have been the biggest problem with the original budget for the flick been around $60 million mark but now is going to be around $47 million which is beleived that Pitt will take the bill down. His best buddy Steven Soderbergh was one of the original directors onboard this project and Brad Pitt’s fee was around $15million mark but as a one off for his friend he dropped it to $10 million only to put it back up when Soderbergh was axed.

Deadline even scrapped the surface with David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo remake be saying possibly Brad Pitt could be onboard which Sony denied as there’s no script yet but Zaillian is writing it at this moment with the first draft due next month possibly, so this rumour may happen or it may not.

2009 seem to be the year of the delayed movie with the likes of The Road, The Wolfman been delayed big style like Moneyball which was meant to be shooting June but Sony’s Amy Pascal hated the script and pulled the plug on filming only a few days before they shot.

Personally the subject matter of the movie doesnt interest me though that doesn’t say the movie will be bad, just sports related movies most of the tme are great movie usally there BAD movies. Despite having a decent cast im not really interest though what I am interested is if the above post is true and if it is how far will they get this time before someone pulls the plug? If they do, I think  its strike three…..YOUR OUT!!! scrap the flick!


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