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Buffy Creator Joss Whedon To Direct THE AVENGERS?

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Source Slashfilm

It’s only a matter of time when the whole universe of the big two in the comic world Marvel & DC Comics will have a movie for all characters, its so obivous it will happen with majority of the new movies been made coming from a comicbook of not a pc/video game. The way comicbook movies have going its the ‘logical’ step for DC to release a Justice League movie and for Marvel The Avengers.

LA Times are confirming according to SlashFilm that Joss Wheedon is on the shortlist to direct the big screen adaptation of The Avengers but even that is causing much confusion if claiming Wheedon to be the possible director is just a ploy or simply one of the many names we will hear been connected to the movie like the way we had with the casting on Captain America.

I am still very skeptical about this on who will be the henchman as it was only days earlier on April Fools day IESB jokingly reported that Wheedon was the ma, though not as funny as MovieWeb’s joke report of Iron Man franchise to be remade with MCG creating the new versions!!!

He could be a popular choice considering how popular Buffy The Vampire Slayer was but thats what puts me off slightly having him as  the director but people like Feige, Favreau and Marvel would have to have a massive input to help this project work. For this movie also to work people would have to clear there minds of what Wheedon has done before and focus on the actual movie which has Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain (zzz) America in the line-up…possible major crossover stories here!!!  If its to create a movie on a small budget maybe Wheedon is your man as Serenity was actually a ok movie which had a few solid decent moments and like Slashfilm i’ve never seen the Firefly series, so what do you guys think?


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